I'm Lauren. Call me Princess. Lets be friends.
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operator: hello 911, whats your emergency?

me: my wifi isnt working

I think I failed my placement test, so, here I am in bed with a face mask feeling sorry for myself.

I take care of this one little girl named mikayla and she’s like way too smart for her own good and it annoys the ever living shit out of me. Like earlier i had all the kids sit down because someone put a yoga ball in the bathroom, I told all the kids that whoever did it needed to step up or else everyone was doing push ups and getting in trouble. this little girl stood up and said “I have a hypothesis about how it got in there.” like are you fucking kidding me?! go awaaaaay. I don’t want to deal with your sass

I swear to god. All the children I work with are being raised by wolves.